Heart Central

Welcome to  Heart Central

This is the place where you find a way to start your start to authentic living! Program offerings include:

  • 7 Day Heart Start
  • 21 Day Heart Centered Challenge
  • Communal Heart- a Facebook group for you & heart-centered travelers like you!

By taking your first step into exploring the Heart Start programs you have already begun to listen to your heart. Your heart, your life has been beckoning you toward the fulfillment and meaning that you know, deep inside, is most authentically You.

These programs are intended for you to work in a steady, measured rhythm. Much like the beat of your heart. So take the time once each day to work with your heart and start the journey of a life time!

  •  7 day Heart Start is yours for $10.00
  •  21 day Heart Centered Challenge is your for $30.00
  • Communal Heart is free for you after you complete the Heart Centered Challenge or a retreat offered through Watershed Ways!

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