Watershed moments are critical pathways and threshold moments in our lives. They can happen to us, and we react, or we can become grounded in a deeper reality to guide this moment and, the many internal streams of consciousness and creativity into a single mighty river of being. This is the deliberate cultivation of the practices that redefine who we are and how we live.

Knowing deep in your bones that change is needed in life are you ready to show up more fully in your life?

Do you want to create work that fulfills your heart, excites your brain and ignites your passion?

Are you a leader, an entrepreneur, an innovator or a minister, a homemaker or an artist? Do you want to lead a life that enables you and the people around you to thrive if each person showed up each day open-hearted and ready to live life out loud?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then I invite you to explore coaching or spiritual nurture. Work with successful heart-centered practices that contribute to success in transforming your life and work.

As founder of Watershed Ways, I  have been transformed through watershed moments and have led men and women through life and game-changing organizational development as well.  In my most current experience, I chose to embrace a lifelong dream of ministry and work as a Quaker Pastor. I offer spiritual nurture as well as entrepreneurial ministry coaching and business development for ministers and churches.

If you are in mid-career or life transition and are ready to forge a connection to your purpose in life, this is the place for you! Learn to live from your heart’s center, gain practical tools to support your change journey. Embrace your heart’s true home while fostering a connection between who you are and what you do.

You can get started right now! For a free consultation contact me – jeannemariemudd@gmail.com

 Watershed Ways: Transforming the ordinary to the extraordinary.