Coaching & Spiritual Wellness

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Imagine you are delighted with your life and work. It is entirely possible to write new chapters in life based in the best and based in the hard bits of your lived experience thus far. In coaching we enter conversations to redesign your life or work. In spiritual nurture we embrace the mystery in life and explore the dimensions of your deepest aspirations and connect them to the practices that support your inner journey.

Our conversations focus on your story and how you want to bring your authentic and whole  self to your life and work. Create the life and work that calls to you by building on your strengths and life experience.

Through a combination of inner work, willingness to risk and practical practices, you will name your capabilities and aspirations, what you intend to do and the thresholds you cross to increase a sense of purpose, meaning, and effectiveness.

Your heart-centered journey is available for individual or team coaching.

  • Coaching for Life
  • Executive Business Coaching
  • Business Coaching for Start-Ups
  • Coaching for Her
  • Coaching for Him
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Coaching for Ministers and Faith Communities
  • Watershed Change for tough behaviors such as weight loss & smoking cessation

All conversations are developed together. I offer a range of fees for services.


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